Other Products


  • Planned maintenance programs

  • Equipment Repairs

  • Trained technicians in electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical repairs.

  • Custom Fabrication.

Summit Equipment, lift prodcuts, scissor lift, lift tables

Lift Products

Loading dock scissor lifts and in-plant lift tables.

Summit Equipment, modular offices, modular office

Modular Offices

Build a building within your plant, to conserve energy, provide noise-free work areas, and allow for better use of warehouse space.

Summit Equipment, mezzanines, mezzanine


Mezzanines are an excellent way to maximize the cubic feet of any facility without incurring the usual costs associated with expansion or renovation. Standard designs include 125-psf floor load L/360 deflection. Clear wide spans allow open space below for working areas. Designed to meet specific seismic requirements. Connections are bolt assembly, no welding required.

Summit Equipment, material lifts, material lift, cantilever lift

Material Lifts

Available in different sizes, capacities, and configurations.

Summit Equipment, HVLS fans, HVLS fan


Improve energy efficiency with a high volume, low speed fan.

Summit Equipment, lights, fans, guardrails, wheather seals

Aftermarket Products

Lights, fans, parts, guardrails and protectors, weather seals and many other items.