Impact Traffic Doors

Impact traffic doors are designed for use in retail, commercial, and institutional applications where pedestrian, cart, or light motorized traffic exists. 

Strip Doors

Heavy-duty standard smooth and ribbed strips withstand temperatures of 0° to 150° F. USDA (approved for food service) Freezer Strips withstand -30° to 150° F. Rounded edges avoid cutting and snagging while the concave/convex curvature allows strips to interlock when hung, forming an excellent seal. Ribbed strip reduces scratching from truck, cargo traffic, friction and static. The ribs on both sides create small air pockets for additional insulation and allow the strips to move apart easily as traffic passes through.

Sectional Doors

A variety of doors and operators are available for any application.

Air Curtains

Air Doors are a practical and effective means of environmental separation. An air door creates an invisible air barrier that inhibits the infiltration of air, dust, smoke, insects and odors. . . allowing safe, unrestricted passage through an open doorway.

Specialty/High Speed Doors

Improve efficiency on problem openings.  These doors are perfect for applications that have high cycles, experience impact damage, or require environmental separation.

Rolling Steel Doors

A variety of doors and operators are available for any application.

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